Where do I go to complete the new hire paperwork?

Please follow the information that was provided to you from your onboarding specialist. The link is The login information is the same that you used for your application. If you forgot, please click on Create/Reset your password on the login page. If you have issues or questions, please email


How long do background checks take?


Once you receive the email from Accurate, please complete the information immediately. It can take up to 5-7 business days for the results, so you will continue completing all your onboarding before you we receive those results. (Some states are experiencing significant processing delays due to Covid-19 shutdowns/court closures, so reporting time may be longer.) Unless there is an issue regarding your background check, you will not hear anything further from us.


Why do I need to complete the Form I-9?


This form verifies your identity and that you are able to work in the US. This is a form that is to be completed by each new employee hired after 11/6/1986.


Can the electronic Form I-9 be completed on a tablet or smart phone?


Yes, the form is compatible with mobile devices, desktop, – or laptop computer.


How do I complete the electronic I-9?


Please refer to the instructions that are provided to you. Access to the form is provided in a separate email sent to you from There is a detailed flow chart of steps to take within the instructions. If you have questions, please email


I’m receiving an error message for the electronic I-9, “The link is currently unavailable, please contact your onboard administrator for assistance”.


Please email us to fix the issue,


What is the definition of a Responsible Person?


A person over the age 18; not convicted of a felony; has a permanent address in the US; has their own email address; and able to meet with you in-person to verify your IDs while completing section 2 of the Form I-9.


Why does a Responsible Person need to complete this?


Since we are not able to meet with you in person to verify your identification, we allow a responsible person act as an Authorized Agent to complete the form on our behalf. We, the employer, are still held liable for the information on the form.


I don’t know anyone that can complete Section 2 of the I-9 form that meets the definition of a Responsible Person, are there any suggestions?


You may use a relative/spouse, roommate, friend, neighbor, someone at your place of worship, landlord, realtor, current or former employer, co-worker, teacher, an employment office, insurance agent, lawyer, Chamber of Commerce or a notary.

Places to find a notary would be: a bank, shipping center (UPS Store, Postal Annex, etc.), office supply store (Office Max, Office Depot, Staples), real estate agent, tax preparer, currency exchange/cash checking, pawn store, title office, lawyers office, funeral home, or city hall. Some local libraries, Post Offices, and Police stations may have a notary. You may want to call ahead to verify the notary will complete the form electronically.


What do I need to bring with me to the fill out the Section 2 of the I-9 with the Responsible Person?


Your physical ID document(s), and the instructions for completing the I-9 form.


Can I use a copy of my ID(s)?


No, you must present original document(s). The only exception is that a certified copy of a birth certificate.


May I use an expired document?


No. Expired documents are no longer acceptable for Form I-9


What if my ID(s) are lost?


You will need to apply for a new Driver’s License/Identification Card/Social Security card/Birth Certificate/Passport. We can accept the receipt until you receive the actual ID document in the mail. Once it is received, we will need a copy of the ID at that time.


Does my List B ID document need to have a photo?


Yes, because our company participates in E-Verify to help confirm the employment authorization of new hires, a List B document must have a photograph.


Where is the PIN code for Section 2 located for the I-9 form?


The PIN code is located in the email the Responsible Person should have received titled “Attention Required: I-9 Form for Your Name – Lawrence Merchandising”.


What if my Responsible Person has not received the email with the PIN code?


Please have your Responsible Person check his/her junk/spam folder. If not found in the junk/spam folder, verify the email address with the Responsible Person. Then email so that we can verify and resend the email.


What do I need to do after the Responsible Person electronically signs the I-9 form?


If you have already sent in a copy of your required documents and completed all tasks on your Onboarding Portal, you will hear from us in 1-2 business days with your next steps.


Can I complete this form on paper?


No. Our company no longer accepts paper I-9s. Completing the I-9 form through the link ensures that it is completed correctly as it validates the documentation you are presenting. Paper copies often contain mistakes and can delay confirmation of your employment eligibility.


Do I need to print the I-9?


No. The I-9 is completed electronically through the I-9 Advantage link provided to you in a separate email sent to you from


Does the Authorized Agent need to upload/attach a copy of my IDs to the electronic I-9?


No, you will only need to email a copy of a List A ID document, if that is what you presented, and we will attach it to your form. You can also upload this yourself when filling in Section 1.


What do I do if I need to change my Responsible Person?


Please email so that we can reopen your form for you and you can enter in the new person’s information.