We’re transparent. We do what we say we will do. It’s not about us, it is about creating success and value for you and your in-store merchandising. We get that… First-class communication with our client team combined with real-time reporting gives you complete transparency to execution and performance levels.

We’re realistic. The reality is that most retail merchandising companies, regardless of size, have similar capabilities. Our difference is how we put those capabilities to work to deliver the highest level of quality and performance for you. We get that…

We focus on performance. We take the time to understand what winning is for you. We know it’s all about performance, and that in-store execution is everything. We get that… And we sweat the details

We’re experienced. Putting our experience to work to deliver on your vision of success is what matters most. We get that… We’ve been creating value for clients for more than 50 years.

The LMS Difference


One-size-fits-all doesn’t work in retail merchandising. So we don’t force you into a template. Some service companies do that through their syndicated models. Instead we customize and design a program that maximizes ROI for your operation.

Your vision. Our mission. We provide a wide range of retail merchandising service delivery models, from straightforward projects to fully customized integrated solutions. We focus on identifying the right model for your business needs, to help you get the most from your investment. We deliver on your vision of success. That is one of the reasons 80% of our continuity clients expanded their business with us last year.

Our web-based workforce automation and reporting systems are customized to your needs and help you drive results proactively. You get a seamless, real-time and transparent view of performance, presented in a way that makes sense for your business. Our automated workforce management system allows us to set up and schedule assignments in minutes and track performance daily, removing the complexity of managing projects across multiple locations.

The LMS Difference


We’re listening. We hear you. Everything we do is aligned with your goals. We start by understanding your needs. We ask insightful questions, and listen carefully to your answers. That way, we focus on what matters most to you.

We’re proactive planners and hit the ground running. We don’t make guesses or assumptions. Instead, we roll up our sleeves and do our homework. We go to stores and conduct research on every single assignment. We identify methods to maximize on-site time investment. We anticipate and minimize obstacles. And prior to launch, our Quality Assurance Team reviews each step to validate instructions and process components. We take the time to plan carefully, because execution and maximizing your ROI is everything.

Our organizational structure is deliberately designed to place you in the center of everything we do. Our structure consists of cross-functional teams dedicated to specific clients. These teams work as a unit, leveraging their individual expertise to help build the best solutions for you.

The LMS Difference


We make decisions in minutes, not days. Our flat and agile organizational structure helps us respond to your needs faster. Our business is designed to work at the speed of your business.

Continuous Improvement isn’t an initiative; it’s what we do every day. Process Improvement is part of our DNA. We assess the in-store call, out-of-store support, your needs, and all other facets associated with providing excellent service. This passion for improvement translates directly to a better return on your investment. That’s one reason why we build longstanding relationships like Target, our partner of over 53 years.

We’re prepared for the unexpected. Even with the best planning, things happen. It is part of the retail world. An effective service recovery process is a key ingredient to success. Our Quality Assurance team reviews projects daily so we catch and fix issues before they become a significant problem. This is one of the reasons we regularly achieve over 98% completion rates…even when store conditions are different than planned.

Delivering Client Value

To build a sustainable advantage in the demanding retail industry, you need a merchandising services partner you can count on. One that puts you first. One that’s focused on delivering the highest levels of satisfaction and earning the strongest client loyalty through performance. We get it. We are that company. Our clients see the advantages and recommend us to others…so frequently that almost 70% of our new clients are from referrals.

Creating a client focused, performance driven team starts with people and culture. We hire talented professionals that inherently know this. They understand that our success is completely linked to your success and have that mentality as a deeply ingrained behavior. We also invest in leaders that are experienced. Our leaders are retail industry veterans. Most of them were actually in your shoes for the majority of their career…as merchants, store leaders, operations leaders and representing brands. Their experience – and their relentless focus on your goals – translates to results for you.

  • More intel: You get deeper analytics and deeper insights. Our workforce management system allows us to set up unique call surveys and deliver custom reporting that makes it easy to get the store execution information you need to drive your business.
  • More communication: Our organizational structure is based on cross-functional teams centered on our clients and led by a dedicated Client Team Director. This means you get better communication, more frequently and from a dedicated team.
  • More actionable reporting: Our merchandisers report their services online daily. We provide reporting when and how you need it. From custom dashboards to excel databases to power point presentations, we provide what is needed for your internal and external teams.
  • More transparency: We can’t promise that everything will be perfect…no company can. We can promise that we will always share the truth and be completely transparent. We can promise to work persistently to resolve any challenges.